Molyslip High Temperature Bearing Grease (HTBG)
Molyslip High Temperature Bearing Grease (HTBG)

Molyslip High Temperature Bearing Grease (HTBG)


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Molyslip High Temperature Bearing Grease (HTBG) is a state-of-the-art high performance moly grease for a variety of heavy-duty automotive and industrial applications.

HTBG combines:

  • Extreme pressure properties
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Exceptional mechanical and thermal stability
  • Excellent water resistance properties

HTBG’s performance providing capabilities:
The modified calcium sulfonate thickening system allows the grease to handle temperature peaks over 300°C (570°F) without becoming fluid and to return to its original grease structure upon cooling to regular operating temperatures (-40°C to 165°C/-40°F to 330°F). Molyslip HTBG out performs other high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex and Poly Urea.

HTBG’s unique formula makes it an ideal grease for:

  • Conveyor bearings for heat-treat furnaces
  • Steel mill roller bearings
  • Crane loader bushings
  • Low and high-speed journal bearings
  • Electric motor bearings
  • A wide range of automotive, mining, construction and forestry applications

Molyslip HTBG provides that extra measure of protection in a high-heat, high-load environment, even when there is an abundance of water. Protect your equipment with Molyslip High Temperature Bearing Grease!