Molyslip AS/65

Molyslip AS/65


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Molyslip Anti-Scuff Paste (AS/65)

  • Prevents scuffing and scoring of mechanical components
  • Provides enhanced extreme pressure protection
  • Protects against galling and corrosion
  • Extends component life

Molyslip AS /65 is a pre-assembly lubricating compound formulated to prevent scuffing and scoring of mechanical components at startup and to prevent galling and corrosion. It has a molybdenum disulfide content of 65%% (resulting in exceptional load carrying capacity in excess of 140,000 p.s.i.) in a gelled lubricating oil with a highly effective rust and corrosion inhibitor.

Where to use it:

  • Use AS/65 to: Pre-treat new or reconditioned plain bearings, gears, piston rings, cams and valve stems.
  • Prevent seizure of nuts and bolts, valves and cocks, screw threads, press fittings and turbine studs.
  • Lubricate small mechanisms which can’t be lubricated after assembly