Molyslip Break-In Lube for New or Re-built Engines

Molyslip Break-In Lube for New or Re-built Engines


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Molyslip Break-In is specially formulated oil additive designed to help boost protect of your engine during the critical break-in period. Break-In:

  • Improves oil shear strength
  • Improves load capacity
  • Contains anti-foaming agents and corrosion inhibitors
  • Blends with all leading motor oils, including synthetics
  • Will NOT reduce the break-in period of your engine

Why it’s important for your new or re-built engine 
High heat and friction – Even with extensive machining and honing of the surfaces on new or rebuilt engines, under a microscopic view these surfaces (i.e. rings to cylinder wall, cam to
lifters) look like two mountain ranges passing over each other.

As these peaks pass over each other, they actually weld together and then shear apart, creating tremendous friction and heat. This is the reason why new or rebuilt engines will run at higher than normal temperatures during the break-in period.

Break-In helps to eliminate scuffing and scoring and promotes the flowing out of metal high points. These high points are flattened, not broken away.

Where Break-In should be used
Break-In is ideally suited for performance type engines in cars and boats where the luxury of a normal break-in period at low speeds is not available.

In normal everyday use, the benefit of using Break-In in the engine’s early life will ensure a longer life and delay, by thousands of miles, the inevitable costly rebuild.