Molyslip Silicone Lube
Molyslip Silicone Lube

Molyslip Silicone Lube


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Molyslip Silicone Lube is a highly stable synthetic silicone lubricant and sealant with excellent water washout characteristics and dielectric properties.

Key Features:

  • Superior moisture barrier capabilities
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids & alkalis
  • Possesses superior rubber lubrication and sealing properties - will not swell most rubbers, safe for O-rings and plastics
  • Electrically insulating with good dielectric properties
  • Wide serviceable temperature range -40 to 204°C (400°F)

Automotive: Molyslip Silicone Lube is an ideal lubricant for brake caliper slides and boosters as well as rubber O-rings and plastic parts. It prevents sticking and corrioson of caliper pins while its superior moisture barrier capabilities helps seal boots. These properties also make it effective for lubricating door and sunroof gaskets. Additionally, Silicone Lube can be used effectively on O-rings to prevent drying, cracking or becoming brittle even in harsh environments.

Electrical: In addition to being ideal for use on brake parts, Silicone Lube is also excellent for use as an electrical insulator. Its dielectrical properties make it suitable on high voltage and underground connections and as a damping medium for dash pots in electrical equipment.

Additional uses include:

  • as a sealant for gaskets, seals, vacuum and pressure systems, particularly outdoor and marine applications
  • on water softener and faucet valves
  • as a mold release where high temperature molds have a tendancy to stick to dies and plates