Molyslip Tuneslip Fuel System & Injector Cleaner

Molyslip Tuneslip Fuel System & Injector Cleaner


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Molyslip Tuneslip is specially formulated to help maintain your fuel injectors and to help keep your vehicle running at optimum performance. Tuneslip:

  • Removes and prevents fuel-related deposits from building up
  • Provides improved drivability
  • Increases power and performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption and emissions
  • Will NOT harm oxygen sensors or catalytic convertors

Molyslip Tuneslip is the easy way to maintain your injectors! Build-up and Grime – When injectors get dirty the fuel flow can be significantly reduced. The spray pattern can also be interrupted leading to poor and inefficient combustion. This can present a host of problems for a vehicle including: rough idle, hesitation on light acceleration, in some cases even a loss of power, lean misfire, and higher emissions.

Costly Damage – As little as 8% to 10% fuel restriction on a single injector can lead to a lean misfire which can prove quite costly. Lean misfire will cause most cars “check engine” light to illuminate which alone can be expensive by just bringing the car in for service. More severe cases, particularly in turbocharged engines, can result in the computer leaning the mixture to the point where engine-damaging detonation can occur.

Simple Solution – To combat rising production costs many fuel suppliers have switched to less or cheaper fuel detergents. This only increases the chance of build-up. Adding one bottle of Molyslip Tuneslip to every 3 to 4 tankfulls can prevent build-up and eliminate any build-up that may have already occurred. Try Tuneslip today and experience a smoother, cleaner running engine.